How Can You Fix Sunken Temples?

Sunken temples and hollowed-out cheeks are usually a result of volume loss, which is an unfortunate side of aging. People wanting to achieve a youthful look strive for a more heart-shaped or oval face with full cheekbones, framing a narrower jawline. 

With age, there is a loss of collagen, fat, and bone to support the face. This makes the face appear thin and hollow around the upper parts, with sagging skin around the lower jaw. 

You also tend to have less bone and muscle mass to support the skin. The temples are an area that many patients overlook when considering cosmetic treatments for the face. This is mostly because not everyone realizes how volume loss can affect their appearance. 

Volume loss creates a concavity in the temples, which can make you look tired, older, unhealthy, or unhappy. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA and RHA4 injectables are usually the best options for upper facial rejuvenation. 

How the JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA and RHA4 Work

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA and RHA4 are made of a soft, gel-like substance containing hyaluronic acid. They are traditionally injected below the surface of the skin to reduce the depth of facial wrinkles. 

The injectables are usually placed on the bone over the temple with a single, slow injection. The treatment is quick and easy. It usually takes only a few minutes to complete and involves no downtime. A numbing cream may be used a few minutes before treatment to maximize comfort.

Both products can also be used for augmenting other parts of the face, such as the cheeks and lips. Experienced injectors like the staff at Greco MD can use it to fill out the bony contours and arches of the face, including thinning temples. 

Dr. Greco recently published an article in the medical literature describing a safer, more effective way of volumizing the temples with a cannula!

Other Treatment Options for Sunken Temples

Sculptra® is another type of filler used in the temple area to promote gradual collagen production. Fillers for the temple area can also help to lift the brow area and enhance the overall facial shape.

An alternative method used to restore fullness to the temples is structural fat grafting. During this procedure, some of the patient’s own fat is taken (via liposuction) from areas where there is an overabundance of it. This could be areas such as the stomach or thighs. 

This fat is then placed in focused areas of the face to replenish the missing volume. Structural fat grafting can be done on its own or as part of a facelift.

Do you have more questions?

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Dr. Greco focuses solely on plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck at his in-office, state-certified aesthetic surgical center. If you're looking for a younger, fresher appearance customized to your facial structure, Dr. Greco can help!

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