The Best Procedures to Rejuvenate Your Neck and Décolletage

Although people tend to focus their skincare efforts mainly on the face, the skin on the neck and chest is also prone to damage and aging. The deterioration caused due to external forces, such as sunlight and smoking, is just as visible on your neck and decolletage as on your face.

The skin on the neck is thinner, more delicate, and unable to retain moisture, as well as the skin on other parts of the body. Additionally, it is constantly stretched in different directions with each movement of your head, causing it to be more likely to loosen and wrinkle over time.

This is why the skin on the neck can often seem to age faster than the rest of the face. The chest or decolletage area also faces similar collagen loss, sun damage, and the effects of gravity, becoming wrinkled like the face and neck.

Treatment for the neck and chest areas can include the use of injectables (like BOTOX) and plastic surgery for the face.

The team at Greco MD provides a variety of options for enhancing the appearance of these areas. Our Philadelphia-area patients can choose from the following techniques.


A necklift may be the most effective treatment for severe skin and muscle sagging or excess fat that deposits in the neck and jawline area. This procedure involves surgical tightening of the skin and the removal of unwanted tissue, creating a sleeker and more youthful-looking appearance for your neck.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments

For patients who do not want to consider surgical treatments, BOTOX® can be the perfect option. Injectable Neuromodulators, such as Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Daxxify®, provide a minimally-invasive way to minimize pronounced bands on the neck.

The injectable prevents the contraction of overactive muscles and relaxes key structures to provide more youthful contours to the face.

Dermal Fillers

Similar to Botox, dermal fillers can be used to treat tech lines (horizontal lines) on the neck and improve any wrinkles caused by excessive flexing of the neck muscles.

Fractional Laser

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the best techniques for improving the tone and texture of the skin. Laser treatment is a safe and effective technique used on the face, neck, and chest areas to trigger collagen production while reducing wrinkles, lightening blemishes, and making the skin texture more even.


Microneedling is great for treating sensitive areas or areas not well-suited to laser resurfacing treatments, such as the neck and decollete. The procedure helps to naturally restore damaged skin by promoting collagen growth. It can help minimize signs of aging and reveal healthier, younger-looking neck and decollete areas.

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